And That's A Good Thing.

i've come a long way from some of the things i was once involved in. things that were illegal and immoral and many would not approve of. things i don't approve of myself. for one, i'm very proud of having 16 years of being drug free and not backsliding once. i admit that i reached for a crutch a few years after my mom died and that crutch was cocaine. even though she wasn't there physically, i credit my mom for helping me to kick that habit just the same. knowing how she would feel about me using drugs would have made her very sad and the thought of that helped me to stay strong through my recovery. while i've let go of many things i used to do, there is still work to be done. i think we're all a work in progress but making any progress is better than none at all.
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aww the pleasure and honor is mine, friend :) i hope mom isn't too displeased in me lol

i too know a lot of people that got on drugs and never got off, even though it's ruining the quality of the lives, they just can't give them up. one thing that help me, i think, was that i didn't use coke for a long period of time, just about 2 years or so. i know the longer you do something like that, the harder it will be to give it up. plus i was ready to quit. i knew deep down that drugs weren't the answer, my mom wouldn't have wanted anyone to turn to them because of her death and i was going down a path that just wasn't right for me. it wasn't easy to quit but it wasn't as hard as i thought it would be either. i hope mom is proud of me, thanks.

you should be very proud of kicking bad habits that weren't doing you any good and having the insight to realize this. i know many people that have went down the path of drugs, and whatever else, and still don't get it. i'll bet your mom is proud too :)

interested in that, huh? lol. well doing ceratin things had no more benefit for me in the long run, just as the drugs didn't, so i cut that out too.

Okay. But what about the immoral part?