I Didnt Know Myself As Well.

At the moment I can think, "Yeah, I know what life is, what I have to do what directions I go" and it never used to be like that. I know Im young, but Im mature for my age to be honest, so I sort of expected myself to grow that way. But I didnt. I wasnt being realistic; down to Earth should I say. Theres a lot of details and were I to list them I would give myself away, but I remember how I had my first boyfriend. It was so exciting, so thrilling, I felt so mature like "Yeah, this is life in full" but I guess most people know, it isnt. I only found that out later.
I began dating one boy; at the same time liking another until it got to the point that I 'liked' many boys at once that I couldnt decide between them. I dont think men are good for me anyway, to much freedom: and there IS such a thing. Were we free to do as each and every one of us pleased ( we are all individuals and do our own things) the world would be a lot more dangerous and confusing.
Thats besides the point. What I mean is that by getting hurt in life, by...going through embarassing things, its taught me lessons. It has taught me valuable lessons; nothing no one else could have taught me the way I have learnt myself. And I learnt that life; is in fact a bed of roses. On the surface: there are the roses but beneath the luscious image lays the prickly thorns ready to hurt you once you fall through. 
DownsideUp DownsideUp
Jul 19, 2010