You Were Judged and Found Guilty

It's easy to judge people without even being aware that you're doing it. "Judge not, lest ye be judged" is a fine philosophy, but hard to put into practice.

I know I'm less judgemental than I was 20 years ago. Every day in every way I am becoming less and less judgemental. Everyone got here by a different route and picked up different baggage along the way.

(Judgemental or judgmental? According to OED both spellings are correct!)

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5 Responses Feb 25, 2009

I am judgemental about certain things and have no intention of changing...racist? gay-basher? bigot, sexist, religiously intolerant? Then you suck, in my opinion.<br />
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Otherwise I am definitely minimally judgemental but it's something I've really worked at, hard, for years.<br />
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I think to be entirely without judgement regarding the actions and attitudes of others is to deny any sort of moral compass.

This is a great point! is easy to say "I'm not judgementaL", but very hard to do all of the time, I think it is refreshing to see you write as you did.......I say all the time "I don't judge", what I should truly say is " I try not to judge and when I do, I try to re-examine and see if I can correct my mistake"...........My hat's off to you Mr. Hedrock, great point..........

Taking a positive view, that sort of proves the point of my story. I really AM more judgemental than I'd like.

I dont judge anyone,i believe we are egual yet i get judge for the person i am..

I sometimes catch myself judging people! yet at least I notice.<br />
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I believe when I start seeing myself in an ob<x>jective way I have passed the first stage of becoming non-judgmental.