Am I Really A Love Addict?!!

I just saw the group name, stumbled on some stories and to tell the truth, it scared me...
so, i Google'd it, and read the wiki entry about love addiction. But it just made me so confused.

since I'm kinda suicidal, specially when depressed pretty much, sometimes may hurt myself, not the social type, was and still kinda obsessed with my gf, making like everything just for her, trying to get better and be a better person for her as someday we will have a home, our kids and a family, putting her in everything I do. would like die just to see her smiling, hug her tightly, and be there for her..
she doesn't know all about me, cause probably she will be freaked out, since she's sensitive..
I trust her so much that I would turn my eyes away from her flaws, telling myself that no one is perfect, and that I shouldn't be the one criticizing, since I'm all flawed, even when I knew about that thing, I didn't even talk to her about it though it really bugged me a lot, she did the right thing eventually as I expected and I never mentioned it... I would take everything she says when she gets mad and furious and calm her down, though sometimes she says something that hurts too bad. But I just forget about it after she calms down and get back to herself again, and I would be so happy to see her smiling, and like my soul is dancing when she's just laughing.
But i wasn't just thinking about her only, I was thinking about being with her, her family ( mom, dad, brothers ) and my family ( mom, sisters and brother ) we would all be together..

so, Am I a love addict?!! And if I'm, then does that mean that my feelings i had before and the feelings i still have aren't real?!! so I can't trust my own feeling? or believe them? what the Hell!! How do I make sure If I'm really a love addict or not?!

Hell I don't wanna be, as if my life doesn't have enough troubles... It's not like me and my gf are still close, we're almost broke up and trying not to let it happen and get it back, so knowing about the love addiction thing,'s freaking me out...
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1 Response Aug 29, 2012

well a love addict does many of the things you said, such as ignoring warning signs, making the one person into everything, desperately trying to be loved all the time...and feeling that being abandoned or rejected is worse than death is very scary and painful...I am just learning about it myself, and I have anxiety and depression as's probably all one big issue...I am checking out love addicts anonymous for help...