Re-reading Old Entries In My Journal

I like to re-read old entries in my journal. It helps me gauge where I am, if I'm learning from my mistakes, or making the same mistakes over and over. There was a period of about five or six months where I was absolutely miserable, and a lot of it centered around a guy. Every entry about him, I kept wishing I could just get him out of my life. In the following entry, I would beat myself up because I went back to him, and he hurt me, AGAIN. Even now thinking about it makes me feel sick, how stupid I can be. I know that I'm an intelligent person. I know when I'm making a mistake, but I can't stop. It is an illness.
Mimichick Mimichick
22-25, F
2 Responses Dec 9, 2012

I have worked with a sponsor, before I moved. Unfortunately the tiny town I live in now doesn't have hose resources, meetings and such. I am trying to be very aware of where I am, if I'm happy, and why I am.

Are you working with a sponsor ?