I Think I'm A Love Addict Too!

I'm happily married, perfect husband n kids but for some reason I feel this pull towards another man who by the way does not reciprocate my feelings. Thank god for that! Anyways I constantly think of him n is becoming exhausting to b honest. I went a month without contacting him. I'm usually the one who texts first. It was hard but I did it and even though I was in pain I felt proud of myself. Then he texted me out of the blue n all those feelings came rushing back. I wanna be strong. I don't wanna think about him anymore. I dont think im in love because i really believe my hubby is so much better looking n the sex is great. I think I have become obsessed because of the fact that he doesn't want me. He just wants to keep me around to boost his ego here and there. i cant do this anymore. I want to go back to being happy with my life the way i was before meeting this person. Please help!
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2 Responses Dec 13, 2012

I think you are right, about the man keeping you around to boost his ego. Because you know that, it will help you to avoid contact. Don't let someone take pleasure from your pain (emotional). Take your power back!

Thank you. I'm gonna try to keep that in mind whenever he tries to contact if he ever does. I doubt it but we will c. Ill keep u informed.

hmm... this is really a struggle.. i understand this predicment.. its torturing

Have you ever experienced anything like this?

I have and it's awful. I found out, in therapy, that I am always trying to UNDUE the feelings of emotional abandonment my Dad left me with. He's dead, now. I can't fix that relationship, so I cling to this weird fantasy thing for a man who is exactly the same. UGH! The ONLY hope for overcoming it, is simply recognizing it, allow yourself to parent that inner child or inner need (whatever YOU call it) and have ZERO contact with what we call in 12-step ....your "qualifier." He is the guy who makes you feel like acting out, or with whom you DO act out in your addiction. You can overcome it, but it takes work and going deeper.