Love Addicted Married Man

I am in such agony. I am married, had an affair, and just got dumped by her. I've always been love addicted. 15 years ago I married for all of the "right" reasons. For the first time ever I was involved with someone that was good for me. I had given up on being with someone that I was intoxicated with because of all the pain that these relationships have caused me. There was no spark this time, but it was good for me. I thought I had beaten my love addiction. For the past 15 years I suppressed my longing and craving for love. I beat it! Or so I thought. Then, there she was. Stunning and 16 years younger than me. (I'm 59 bust still in great shape). We looked at each other and we both knew immediately. She is married too. And we fell head over heels in love with each other, instantly. Neither one of us could leave our current situations for various reasons but we were going to spend time together regardless. And we did, for over a year and a half, and never caused a hint of suspicion by either spouse. I felt no guilt because surely this was a gift from the Universe! And that's how the twisted mind of the love addicted works. A month ago I felt the end coming. She was becoming distant and of course I became panicked. I dreaded the day that finally came. She couldn't do it anymore and that's all of the explanation that I got. It was over in an instant. Here I am, married and brokenhearted over being dumped by my girlfriend. How sick is that? Having had so much experience with this, I know that I'll get over it and I know enough not to try and contact her but this pain is unbearable. It was so "good" and now it's over. Pure agony! Love addiction is as powerful as any addiction.
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Jan 11, 2013