I Am Not Allowed To Date For 6 Months

Hi so I have been checking out sites such as loveaddicts.org and www.slaafws.org (and I even bought the book!) and it is recommending avoiding dating for about 6 months. This makes me feel calmer because it gives me a sort of short time frame and a "reason" to stop getting too attached...I am not allowed to! Hopefully I can work out some issues by then, or at least kind of start...oh god where to start: ADD, Anxiety, Depression, Love Addiction, sugar and chocolate addiction....

Any ideas?
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2 Responses Jan 19, 2013

Suck c ock addiction

I am too at the stage where I need to take action and to "stay on the wagon" by not feeding my addiction with dates or romantic fantasies that lead to attachment and obsession that then grows do a fear of rejection or abandonment from that person. I
Just don't know if I can make 6 months. So I am giving myself a day at a time and when a day doesn't feel long then setting a goal to make the a whole week then a 2 weeks until I get to 6 months. It really is one day at time.

Ya the 6 month thing seems impossible...without a man i feel like i am nothing.