Are All Love Addicts As Scared Of Rejection As I Am?

One of the traits of love addiction is a holy terror of being rejected or abandoned. So we stick to one person for a bit, then get disillusioned by their negative points, and run away before they see our negative points...I want to be in a healthy loving relationship like everyone else, but 1) i don't know what it is, 2) i don't believe i deserve it, 3) i'd be too scared of rejection.

So I guess I will just keep going on and on, meeting them, leaving them, and making myself sick. :(
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3 Responses Jan 27, 2013

I feel you :'(

It will be really interesting what happens when two love addicts come togther

interesting ....but not good :(

I understand the fear of abandonment more than the fear of rejection itself, as that is a stronger component in my addiction set of issues. I have to fight against it a lot, but it is ok for now. Have faith that you can make baby steps to overcome your fear!

This song made me think of your post: :)

lol that song is cute...think I'll put it on my fb lol....well to me rejection and abandonment are the same, they reject you and then you are abandoned....thanks for posting!

I had to meditate on protecting my inner child and parenting her. I am there for her and give her, like... 20 minutes of being loved and held. She knows i won't reject her.
I figured out that I just didn't get enough love from my alcoholic Dad and codependent, stressed out Mom. So, I love me. It works.