Confessions of a Love Addict

I have a very serious problem with love and sex. I am a love addict. I am addicted to the attention and love of others. I cannot live this way anymore. 

I am married, yet I still pursue relationships, whether virtual or realistic to hang on to. My husband's love is never enough. I am always willing to risk everything in my marriage just to feel the high of romance and companionship. 


I have been trying to get into the 12 step meetings for love addicts. I came to this site in order to meet other people who can understand me. 






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7 Responses Sep 19, 2009

I feel the same way it's not even the sex part for me it's everything else the attention the holding the want they have for me just knowing they want to be with me is sometimes enough but most of the time i just want to be there world but there as in more then one Otto.k it's because I came from a bad childhood without any parents for most of it but I have a loving family now but it's just never enough

I can relate to how you expressed what you are dealing with. I did some similar things when I was wed, but I did not act on them. I sure did want to several times though, and could have. I hope you find the help you are seeking.

I am in the SAME boat. I wish there was a support group near by..

I finally realized today that I am an addict and I need help. Seeing you reach out was really well... good for me. thank you.

When i was married, i would fall for other women but never act out on my fixation. Still it was quite exasperating .

I just started going to SLAA meetings a couple of months ago. I'm told that it's easier to share your story with a sponsor than with a whole roomful of people you don't really know. I'm a storyteller so I don't really mind. Just wasn't sure if I was an addict when I started. I think I am, and I'm two weeks sober at this moment.

Oh I know exactly how you feel. Do you have depression as well? I know from personal experiance that both are sucky.