Don’t Ask. Don’t Tell. I Don’t Wanna Know...

We were good all week. No partying or fighting. But we sure made up for that.

We partied Friday.

And yesterday, too. We got the party started early. I woke up around 7am and Corri was walking in the door, getting back from the store with drinks.

Later that morning she told me to get ready. She wanted to take me out. We left the house buzzed. We went on the bus. Corri took me shopping and out to lunch where we had a couple more drinks. We had a pretty good time.

On the way home she stopped at the store to stock up.

We got home. She wanted me to model everything she bought me. Later while she was watching movies, I was cooking and on the computer.

Everything was fine.... until some situation happened.

Every so often during our partying sometimes she can’t help herself to have a biatch moment.

She was saying or doing something that annoyed me. I tried to never mind her, but she continued to rub me the wrong way. I told her to step off. But she did no such thing.

We got into an argument that got pretty heated.

I called Miranda to pick me up. I was gone for hours.

Eventually I asked her to take me home. Turns out Corri was still in biatch mode. Miranda became annoyed with her, too, and couldn’t help herself to confront Corri. Miranda got in her face and they were yelling back and forth.

She was about to go postal on Corri. I even had to physically hold back Miranda. She was trying to help, but she was so mad she wasn’t going about it the right way. It was making things worse.

I was afraid they were on the verge of getting physical.

I had no choice but to tell Miranda to leave. She wouldn’t listen. I had to yell at her.

Finally she listened and left, but not without first warning Corri and telling her off.

I think she left feeling mad at me, too. I feel pretty bad about Miranda getting caught up in that situation. I’ll message her in a while, but I don’t expect her to respond right now. It might take her some days or possibly weeks to brush this off.

After Miranda left, Corri settled down and she was ready to make peace. I was so burnt out at that point, I definitely needed a drink. We did.

Today we’re alright. Usually the day after chaos the procedure is don’t ask, don’t tell, I don’t wanna know, I plead the fifth, I claim temporary insanity, hatever lol.

However, deep down I still feel annoyed with her about yesterday, but to avoid further incident, I’ll keep that to myself.

She apologized. She told me that she felt sad when I left, that she missed me, and that she loves me... *tbm rolls eyes*

I’m just gonna let it go. I don’t care to hold grudges.

In all fairness, I have my feisty moments, too.

After this weekend, I seriously want to attempt to get my partying under control.

The situation with Corri doing the same might be a challenge.

We have great times, but while partying that’s when problems can sometimes tend to unfold every so often.

Otherwise, when we’re sober for sure we always get along wonderfully. I’m going to find the time to have a talk with her about the issue.

However, in the meantime it’s still the weekend.... so

we’re cooking.... having some drinks.

feeling pretty chills. ;)

TheButterflyMind TheButterflyMind
31-35, F
May 13, 2012