Walmart Wetting

me and my GF are both 21 and just last week we were in walmart browsing the sporting goods late at night. We were both stoned and goofing around and she needed to pee. So i begged her to let a little out in her panties.

She did that and i couldnt see the wet spot. So i begged for a little more pee and when she let it out she couldnt stop!!!

So there we were in the sporting goods at walmart standing there in awe while my Sexxxy 21 yr old girlfriend soaks her light blue jeans. I loved it, the best part was walking behind her and staring at the soaked pants the whole way out of the store.

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3 Responses Jan 7, 2009

Mmmmmm -- I would offer to clean her up after getting home ... with my tongue ...

dude you're so lucky

silly idiot!LOL