Love Tight Wet Jeans On Women!!!

When I was 13 or 14 I traveled to Toronto with my family for a vacation... which was really something since we hardly ever went on a vacation. It was July, haying was over, and the barley/grain wasn't ready yet.
We arrived in the morning and in the afternoon we went to the beach. I wasn't in the mood to swim, so I stayed in my normal clothes - jeans and t-shirt. It had warmed up, and Lake Ontario was starting to look really attractive, but I knew my mom would kill me if I got wet in my clothes. I was still thinking it would be a good idea.
Then I saw a group of 3 or 4 teenage girls coming down off the board walk onto the beach. They were dressed as I was (it was 1970 or 1971) in jeans, t-shirts and sneakers - they were a little older than I was (maybe 15 or 16) - and I was instantly interested. They pulled off their shoes and rolled up their jeans - hey... they're going to go wading!! They were soon in the water - not going in too far, but starting to play more - splashing one another - their clothes getting spotted with water. I couldn't believe it... I was so turned on!
One girl particularly was more of an instigator - and she shoved one of her friends. The girl lost her balance and stumbled into the lake farther than she had intended. I could tell immediately she wasn't really happy about her jeans getting wet. She was wet up to the crotch at least. The girl that pushed her must have felt bad about it - and to make it up, I saw her wading in... deeper, deeper - her jeans getting wet above the knees, and soon to the crotch - and finally she was up to her waist with her jeans completely submerged and now her t-shirt was getting wet. Now both girls were going in deeper... soon the water up to their breasts, and finally they broke into a swim.
The other two girls went in deeper - their jeans were wet - but they didn't swim any farther.
I was struggling with how turned on I was... I hoped that neither my parents or my younger brother could tell that I had a hard on.
Soon the four girls grew tired of splashing on another - and they waded back and sat down on the sand in their wet jeans... now they were both wet and sandy! How I wished I could have joined them - but having my parents so close by as well as being incredibly shy (I was younger than they were)... well, I never did introduce myself or find out more about them
What an incredible day!

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I love getting my tight jeans soaking wet and then get spanked for it with my jeans on clinging to me so tight

Are you sure your mom would "kill" you for getting your clothes wet? If so, I sympathize with you. Without that factor, am sure you would have enjoyed playing with those girls and keeping your clothes soaked once they got wet.

It is a real turn on the see girls swimming in jeans!