Beautiful Girls Like Swimming In Their Jeans

It has always been a dream of mine to find someone to share my wet jeans fascination... and I thought it would never happen. Most women I knew liked to wear jeans (as it seems in these days as well) but were adverse to deliberately getting wet in them. Most didn't seem to mind the occasional accidental soaking, but that's not what I was looking for - I couldn't find anyone that deliberately wore tight jeans/clothes with the express intention to go for a swim or take a shower.

In the town close to the farm where I lived, there is a river with a number of 'swimming holes'. In my early 20's I would often head to the river - most often in my work clothes which at the time was Levi jeans (always been a levi jean guy) and t-shirt. I would go for a swim in the early evening, enjoy the sensual feeling of wet jeans, t-shirt (and sometime a denim jacket) and then lay on a picnic table or grass until I became "damp dry" so as to drive home (or on the motorcycle which could dry me off rather quickly!)

One evening as I lay on the grass - having enjoyed a quick swim (and then a quick *** in my jeans... mmm mmm), I heard the sound of female voices. Three young women (actually two were my age, I remembered them from the same grade in my school - Sharon and Carol were their names, plus one other one I didn't know) were walking along the walkway spanning the river. All three were quite attractive. They were dressed in tight jeans, t-shirts, and wearing flip flops. They were also carrying towels. I figured that they would probably get to the river's edge, ***** off their clothes and then swim in their swim suits.

As they walked by me, they said "Hi, how's it going?" We talked for a few minutes and I found out that they had been away at a co-op course which had just ended and were back in town for the remainder of the summer. Noticing my wet jeans and t-shirt, Sharon asked if I always swam in my clothes. I turned a bit red, but I spoke the truth - that after work was over I often came here to go for a swim, and I enjoyed swimming in my jeans. (I didn't mention that I found it extremely sexual and a massive turn on, but anyways...)

Sharon glanced at Carol and her other friend... "Well, that makes four of us..." Pardon?? I could hardly believe my ears...  and then I could hardly believe my eyes. The girls removed their t-shirts, underneath they had on bikini tops... and then all three of them waded into the water as I watched, their jeans turning a incredible deep shiny blue as they went in deeper and deeper. WOW...

A long forgotten memory of Sharon in Grade 7 stirred. I remembered how she would often come to school dressed in skirts, but then after she arrived she would go into the girl's washroom and change into jeans. She would wear jeans all day, and then just before going home, she would change again and put on her skirt. I found out that her parents were quite strict and didn't approve of young women wearing jeans - and Sharon obviously didn't agree. Furthermore, I found out that she absolutely adored denim jeans - it wasn't just teenage rebellion. When she entered into high school, she wore jeans every day - I guess she must have had it out with her parents and won that particular battle. I have since realized that she must have had (and maybe still has) a denim fetish...

And now, here was Sharon and her friends swimming in front of me in their tight jeans - and even though I had *** only a half hour earlier, my erection was straining. There was no way I was leaving now. After they had swam a while, they waded through the small falls which was down stream a bit. Then they came over, and we talked as the girls dried off a bit.

That first night turned out to be one of many nights that summer where we would come and go swimming - and every one of those nights, we wore our jeans in the water. Sharon and I (and actually Carol as well) did become rather close - and it was pretty amazing... but that is another story...

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Very good story ... and I would love to hear the "another story" ...

Like this story! How exciting!