The Minister's Wife

When I was a kid I the kid up the street from me invited me to a concert at their house where his brother was going to play piano. I was also invited to spend the night. His mom was a nice lady and his dad was a minister. His mom was dressed in a formal long sleeved knee length coral dress with sun pantyhose and brown mule heels. Her Dorthy Hamill hair cut of salt and pepper brown hair and her make up were very hip. Her feet slapped in her heels and clicked and clacked as she moved about to greet guests. As the concert began my friend and I were seated next to her. Her legs in that hose and heels were hypnotic. She would cross her legs and dangle her shoes. Sometimes her shoe would hang from her foot and then she would rub her soles. She asked her son to dance and he refused. I offerd my hand and said I would dance with her. She led me out to the floor and we danced a few dances. She was very graceful. We got back to our seats and she rubbed her tired feet. After the concert ended the guest left before bedtime we were playing hide and seek. His mom was in the kitchen at the table working on thankyou notes for guest who had bought concert tapes that evening. There was a long table cloth on the table so you could not see the floor. She was seated at the table and asked her if it was okay to hide under the table to which she said sure. As I hid under the table she had her left leg crossed over the right and was dangling her left mule from her foot. I accidentally knocked her shoe off her foot and it hit the tile floor with a thud. Her son came in looking for me and he asked about the noise. She responded I just dropped my shoe from my tired foot. Showing no interest he looked in the kitchen cabinets and in the pantry. By this time she had placed her shoeless pantyhosed foot on my chest. I rubbed her pantyhosed foot and tickled it. She started to giggle and blush and her kid took notice. He shook his head and headed for the basement. She reached down for her shoe and I handed it to her. I then ran for base. After the game she took us up to bed. She read us a story and crossed her legs. She says I am still missing my shoe. I ran down stairs and brought it back too her. I placed her missing shoe on her foot and she smiled. She gave me a hug and said goodnight. For an older woman she had great legs, always wore pantyhose and loved her heels.
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me to an they go with a womans tght *** also yes nothing like a nice pair of legs an that evrr so tight ***

Sorta reminds me of experiences I had with my Sunday School teacher . . .