Trying To Post Legs Pics

I just love long legs especially when wearing sheer stockings and you can just hear the faintest 'rasp' as the legs rub together. I was trying to post some pics of one of my favourite models but they won't load. So I'll try here and if this is not allowed apologies but the legs are worth it...

steviegee steviegee
41-45, M
1 Response Jan 21, 2010

yep the site works ....and how .... I too am leg / stocking/ PH / thigh high watcher.... Those are great legs on your pics. Youtube also has great voyuer posts of legs / upskirts / panties / as well ..<br />
I also listen for the sound of that "rasp" as a nylon clad foot s slipped into a pump or other heeled shoe. goodtimes my friend... . <br />