To Love Is To Live

Sometimes I ask myself what I want to do in life--what, if anything, is the main thing I want to achieve on this planet. The answer that invariably comes is "TO LOVE", replacing my doubts with a strong feeling of certainty that comes from inside. Unfortunately this doesn't solve all my problems, as I can't write a doctoral thesis on 'Amorous Studies' or earn a stable wage in the position of 'Senior Lover'.

Nonetheless, the profound conviction remains for me that I was born to love. The mere thought of love makes my whole being come to added life, and seems to grow in importance beyond anything else, such as wealth and power. I guess what this means is that I will find my life's deepest joy and most important work in intimate relationships and heartfelt friendships, rather than careers and achievements.

noxlucida noxlucida
2 Responses Mar 4, 2010

Same here.

I am the same way. Without someone to love life just wouldn't feel worth living. I think life can be hard for people like us, if we aren't part of a family or something. There can be a lot of ups and downs. I have found myself giving love to people who didn't appreciate or return it a lot, before I learned not to. We have to save it for those on whom it won't be wasted. I guess all those ups and downs have made me stronger too.