15 Years..

Just trying out this web site. I have too much to really say here.

I have been married 15 years to a woman who has cheated, disrespected and unappreciated me. Problem is if she would turn around and say she loves me I would melt. She does this occassionally. I pamper her like no man has ever. Not saying im perfect but I always give our relationship 150%. Where she puts in 50%. Im sooo tired..

I dont have the energy to go on but refuse to give up the 2 most important things in my life.. My daughtors. Quite the catch 22 but at any minute she could make things better. Like I said ... I am so tired..

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2 Responses Mar 29, 2007

I am sorry that you feel this way but what makes you think if you chose to let her know that this is no longer exceptable to you anymore why do you think you would loose your daughters. I get relate to being in a relationship with someone who is doing exactly the same thing she is doing. I also think that they get this perverse feeling out of it especially if she thinks you know. There a feeling you get when they leave the house and lie about where there going and you know it is to be with someone else. Maybe if you tell her that things have got to change that you love her but things has got to change. Sometime the fact that you love her and she knows you do that in it self can be use against you. You can't continue in this way it will eventually effect everything around you. Somewhere in your heart and mine you have to know you are better than that. If you are a good father there is no way in hell you would lose the love they have for you......

Wow ... that is so sad. Have you talked to her about this? Maybe she is not aware of how you are feeling?