Needing Help

I am a loving father of a twelve year old girl who has been mentally abused by her mother who is collecting child support from me. My Drivers license has been taken away from me limiting the amount of jobs I can take or even apply on. The (IN)Justice system seems to have no concern except for the amount of money they can take from me and how many ways they can mess my life up. My daughter came to live with me fifteen months ago and the MEP (Milk Every Penny) or as they say Maintenance Enforcement Program only says that they want the money I owe them yet pays no attention to the law. The Maintenance act states that I can claim travel expense for the cost of long distance travel. NOT! It also states that I can claim hardship... isn't living on the streets for seven months and on welfare for 2 and a half years hardship? Or does long distance travel have to be from Australia or Timbuktu? Does hardship have to be on deaths door or does it mean being a derelict on the street. When my order was made they stated that I make 23,000 a year. My income tax for that year was exactly 4800 dollars. Since then it has never passed 14,000 a year so my wuestion is, where did the other 19,000 to 9,000 dollars come from? When I ask this question to the powers that be; MEP...they say that the law is specific. What the @$#$ does that mean? The law is twisted around by some high priced weasel in a suit who calls himself a lawyer using just the facts needed in order to obtain the highest dollar figure possible! They told me in court that there is nothing wrong with a child having a father who dotes upon her. Obviously there is if they ignore the fact that I will do anything for my daughter whether or not the courts like it. The law is totally sexist, being that a woman goes to court and is provided with a lawyer, a judge and the whole (IN)Justice system behind her and a man goes into court with absolutely nothing! I thought justice was supposed to be FAIR and EQUAL. Women walk into court looking like they just step out of the latest fashion show and men look like they just walked in off the street. I am unable to obtain help from any of the powers that be and the people I am advised to go to for help say that they do not do these things. The so called Ombudsman states that if you feel that you are being treated unfairly by a government agency to call them. Hello.... I have been raked over the coals and the Ombudsman tells me that he cannot help! Government Scam, Cash cow scheme and overall corruption is what I call it. When justice sells out for the highest dollar possible that is definitely Corruption. Rights of a father or a child who is scared of her mother and does NOT want to go back can be superceded by a dollar figure than children become commodities to be bargained over in order to achieve profit. That is how the MEP (Milk Every Penny) is able to brag about collecting 1.2 billion in profits. They are constanly saying that children know nothing about child support or the reason it is there...Hello can you say INTERNET? All a child has to do is type the question in on any search engine and Voila, several hundred thousand answers come up. The Law makers need to pull their heads out of their butts and learn to think outside the box, Oh, but that would mean they would have to do a little work... God forbid! I am an Electrical Engineer who cannot get a job in my field because MEP somehow thinks that trashing my life would make me pay faster but do not understand the fact that I am already taking care of my daughter as I have always done since the day I helped bring her into this world. There is a huge difference between unable and unwilling to pay them unfortunately MEP and the (IN)Justice system cannot see this, they only see $$$$ and $$$$. I used to be proud to be Canadian but now I think it would be better to be a foreigner. Totally disappointed in what Justice means in Canada now!
buckleb17 buckleb17
41-45, M
Jul 16, 2007