My boyfriend normally calls once a week an I haven't received one at all this week I hope everything is okay I love and miss his voice soo much
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I haven't got a call for 15 days :( I was hoping for one today... Maybe this week.

I'm sorry Megan I know my boyfriend was goin through hell week this week but idk I just hope everything is okay because it's not normal to not have at least one call because I have been receiving at least one call a week for the past 5 weeks so this is odd for me

Me too! I usually had a call each week. He said his chiefs were really nice about giving calls! I think mine is going through hell week this week too. So that must be why. I also only got one letter this week and I usually get three!

That explains soo much because I only got one letter to and I normally get like 4-6 lol mmk so maybe it's cuz of hell week it's all crazy

I know! Well I'm glad I'm not the only one freaking out... Lol is his graduation sept 5th? That's when mine graduates.

Yes he graduates September 5 what division is ur bf in

287 what about yours??

Oh he is in 943

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They run on a schedule for calls.

What do you mean ??

Their calls are all pre scheduled out for their whole time at basic. It's all planned out they don't at random get calls.

So then does that mean that the division he is in were not scheduled for any calls this week

And yes that is possible

Ohhh okay aww man 😢

My boyfriend sometimes gets rewarded with phone calls home. Those are random and not scheduled....

Those would be the exception but a family friend works in Great Lakes and told me that all original calls are scheduled

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