A Beautiful Baby Boy!!

I have a sweet baby boy, 9 weeks old, and feel that I've made the adjustment to motherhood rather easily. I joined stroller size, and am happy to say I'm on my way to getting my body back... I am working on creating a "new" relationship with my partner, the father of my son, and most the time, not sure I really understand men..but I know, I love him. His sister just had a baby, and his mom is already starting competition.. not to mention my partner won't confront his feelings, or wants..without thinking that the just of my day is deciding'what's for dinner?'. I guess I'm looking for a sweet escape, and have decided to take up the internet, that is from mothering, and adjusting to being a  new housewife. I'm searching for help with adjusting to being treated like an objest of affection, rather than just being treatred as one who is affectionate with life. Am I in this life alone, or are there other fortunates out there?
Jazin Jazin
18-21, F
1 Response Jun 14, 2007

congratulations about your son.hope he doesn't grow up on you to fast.bye