Iwant To Be A Sissy

How I want to made into a sissy . I would love to meet a woman who would entice me back to her place on the promise of sex .then after having coffee she would stand up and ask me to unzip her dress, and after it fell to the floor she would be standing in front of me in her pale pink corset with matching stockings and t string as I go to caress her she tells me to keep my hands to my self ,I instantly show my disapproval by saying isn't this why we are here ? She says it is but if you want what I have to offer you have to earn it .so she asks me if I am prepared to earn her affections ?and sitting looking at her voluptuous body I agreed not really knowing what I had to do to earn it. So she bends down and unzip my pants and free's my **** then she leads me by the **** up stairs and has me lay down on a massage table with my ****pointing straight up then she straps me down ,at this stage I am starting to freak out and I ask her what is going on and she tells me that if I want her I have to have no hair on my body because she can't stand hair on a person which relieves my tension a little, after all my hair is removed she moisturises my whole body and I have to admit it felt sensational. she looks at my throbbing **** and says that we will have to relieve the tension so she takes an ice block to my man hood which instantly makes it shrink much to my dismay after she allows me off the table she leads me into a bedroom where i see all this lingerie laid out on the bed and dresses and skirts hanging in the closet and heels and all kind s of boots along the wall .Now that you have no hair left I want you to get into some of this lingerie , well I said to her I don't care if I don't have you that is it for me I am out of here, so I went to get dressed but I could not find my clothes and she took me to where they were and I watched them burn in the fire place , so I thought how am I going to get home now it will be more embarrassing than putting on lingerie so she asked me again do you want to put on some lingerie , well I had to agree so I put on a white bra with matching suspender belt stockings .then she called me back to the room where the hair removal took place and she told me to sit down so I did ,she complimented me on my choice of lingerie ,then she did my make up and put a wig on me the she suggested that I go put on a pair of heels before I see my self in the mirror , Once i seen myself in the mirror I become rigid once again .and this time she said because I was such an obedient sissy that I could have a reward so she relieved the pressure with her lips oh and it felt wonderful.Then she told me to put on a dress or choose a skirt and blouse So I chose a lovely red business dress to accentuate my white stockings and heels I also put on a white belt I did not realise that I could feel so wonderful all dressed up as a woman I had a lot to thank this woman for so I went down stairs to find her and tell her what I thought when I got there there was a man sitting on the couch and the woman said that I was to service this man because now I was his prostitute because I had been sold to him .I could not believe what I was hearing but what could I do I had no clothes and I was dressed as a woman so I knelt down between his parted thighs and I unzipped his pants and reached in and pulled out his throbbing **** Then I was told to take it in my mouth so I did I could not believe that I was starting to enjoy this love making What happened next the woman said to me eat me until I tell you to stop now this is what I was hear for so I put myself between her thighs and began to eat then I felt my self being lubed up and then I felt his man hood penetrate me and the woman asked if I was enjoying being****** I let out a groan and said I have not felt like this ever so the woman said well now it is time for your reward and she had me slip my manhood inside her ,I could not help but lose my load after feeling both man and woman at the samre time I was thinking that I am going to keep coming back because no one has ever made me feel so sexy
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wow that story made me so horny... very nice

Great story<br />
Did it hurt ?

Yummy story, wish that would happen to me!