Of A Different Kind

Like many aspects of my character I am a total paradox. 
I rarely wear make up, and I let my hair dry on its own, but I hate jeans because they're so uncomfortable. I am more into pretty dresses. I also throw on a pair of converse and a ripped pair of jeans once ia week at least, a homage to the grunge period I had in high school.
I never dress up for school, I don't buy designer clothes, I cut my own hair and paint my own nails. Low maintenance in my books means that if you offer me a bunch of flowers I won't care for all the diamonds in the world. Take me to the park to  stargaze and I will never ask you to buy me a bag.
Unfortunately though, I have expensive taste in certain things.
I love expensive wines and great food, love traveling and lingerie. I wear jewelry. These things all cost money. But that is MY problem, and I will work to pay for them. I don't like depending on anyone for money.

I dislike people who are too busy focusing on maintaining their image and forget to have fun; I am not one of those girls. Even if I am wearing make up and high heels I throw myself into the party. Who cares if I get dirty, life is about having fun. 
LittleMonroe LittleMonroe
18-21, F
1 Response Jul 22, 2010

Love your attitude! I too,am a low maintanance woman, but I never wear make up,while still looking good..also, I like the last line in your story..who cares if I get dirty,life is about having fun.. :)<br />
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