Cost Nothing

I'm a very low maintenance gal, never ask for materialistic things, do not wear expensive clothes or jewlery.  I'd rather have a good home cooked meal or picnic than go out to a resturant.  Create my own mood and have some romance or enjoy a fun dinner.  For clothes would rather be in warm, comfy, soft clothes than expensive rough and uncomfy clothes. 

My hair I cut myself do not need a hairstylist, and if I fancy coloring it I find buying a box of color from the drug store, and creating my own hairstyles works like a charm.  For holidays I stay away from the fancy expensive places would rather head out camping by a lake with a quiet beach, hiking, boating, and suntanning.  Who needs the crowds when you can enjoy the tranquil moments of nature.

l live in a little bungalow, nothing fancy with furniture just the basics and it suites me fine its nice and cozy with a little garden, and this is what makes me low maintenance :)

tatteredwings tatteredwings
1 Response Mar 17, 2009

Good question I do not know, will have to think abou that one.