Low Maintenance Doesn't Mean the Woman Doesn't "Care"

Being a low-maintenance woman doesn't necessarily mean the woman does not care about herself or appearance, it's more being at ease with the simple things in life and enjoying them!

I don't care for jewelry.

Rarely ever wear make-up.

I'm not a "clothes horse."

I don't buy designer labels because it's "trendy."

Never had a manicure or pedicure. I can't justify spending money on it when I can take care of my hands and feet on my own for much less.

I have never colored my hair (and I do have a few gray strands). It doesn't bother me. I keep my hair trimmed every 3 months. I keep it clean and neat. I let my hair air dry even though it takes a very long time because it's incredibly long and thick. I don't use any styling products in it.

It takes me about 15 minutes to get dressed no matter what it's for and I'm ready to go (obviously this isn't counting shower time.)

I wouldn't get cosmetic surgery or procedures (ie; liposuction, botox etc) done for superficial reasons. Aging is inevitable and much better than the alternative...

I'd rather have a home cooked meal or even a pizza delivered and being curled up on the couch with the one I love instead of going out to an expensive restaurant. Yes, going out to dine is a nice experience, but it's not something I would "require" on a regular basis.

I donate food, clothes, toys, my hair (to locks of love) and blood/plasma regularly, because I want to help others who are in need.

Now with all this being said, it doesn't mean that I don't like feminine things or that I don't embrace being a woman. I do! But I don't have to be flashy and expensive to pull it off! :)

TopazSkye TopazSkye
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15 Responses May 6, 2009

Thank GOD there is someone else out there like me!!! :-)

This sounds as if you have learn to be happy and peaceful with your self and the world.

My ol lady Is 53 years old, never puts on make up,bits her nails,with drives me crazy! because I want her to scratch my back.But she Is drop dead gorgous! She has to buy her cloths In the jr. section at the stores. And she has no problem gainning a man's attition.Thats not low maintance I"D BUY HER ANYTHING!

I rarely ever was attracted to what was "popular" Only because I could find something great in what was considered "plain" or "odd"

Wow fantastic attitude, I didn't know there were more women out there like us.<br />
<br />
I once had a woman comment to me "You must have had a hard life" I wanted to slap her !<br />
<br />
Just because I didn't do the designer clothes/hairdresser/manicure/make-up thing she felt was 'normal'

I agree cali. My disposition is usually very upbeat and cheerful. Not much upsets me and I think that's because overall I am quite comfortable with myself.<br />
<br />
Some men may appreciate "higher" maintenance women. They can have them LOL <br />
<br />
Mine loves me just fine as I am So that's all I care about ;) <br />
<br />
But I know more than just him who appreciate women like us, too! So my advice would be to not change your core values. If you're content as you are, stay that way! <br />
<br />
A man should love you just as you are. If he doesn't, you don't need him. There are plenty of men out there who don't want to be "changed" by another woman, so a woman should have the same courtesy extended to her! ;)

Do guys really admire it, or you think it's admirable? because I find that some to most men are interested in girls that are somewhat high maintenance but it could be due tot he looks and appearance. I've had friends comment on how I should wear makeup or do my hair and wear certain type of clothes, but i'm such a casual type wear.<br />
<br />
I"m one that goes with the flow, don't need that much materialistic things to make me happy or feel accepted by society. i hate shopping, if I shop it's walmart or target. I don't see a point of buying something that cost more th an 20 bucks. Frankly, i can't see how some go thru the shopping mall and be so detailed that they look at each clothing item, shirt by shirt/pants by pants even if it's the same style but different color!<br />
<br />
I've never done my nails/pedicure, because it is a waste of money, it's just a gimic because you have to go back often to get fillers or if they break off, etc.<br />
<br />
It takes me 15 min to get ready, too.<br />
<br />
It's great to be comfy with yourself that you don't need a lot to make you happy. i think it makes you less moody too!

Thank you so much magicwolf! That is an incredible compliment and I appreciate it sincerely :)

Wow what a great attitude! Very refreshing! From your profile pic you look to be very attractive. I really wish more women could see your writtings on this subject because us guys really dont like high maintenence women. Too much time is spent on primping and not enough time on each other. Most high maint women I have known were also very shallow. Your to be comended for knowing who you are and stickin by it!

Thank you very much smokeseek :)

Thats a great way to be, authentically true to yourself. Wish more people in the world were like you.

Thank you again Ron. What a lovely compliment :)

I wish ther were more like you, your lifestyle sems admirable!

Seems you have a good balance!<br />
<br />
and I'm sure you still look lovely :)

I guess I'm kind of moderate maintainance. I like designer clothes but I buy them at a resale shop or at the end of season. I rarely go anywhere without at least putting on lipstick unless I am really feeling bad. I prefer to wear heels unless I'm hiking or exercising. I color my hair once a month but I do touch ups myself to save money. I like to get dressed up and go out on the town occasionally, though it never happens lol. I used to be lower maintenance but since I'm older, I take more pains to look good.