The Way It Is

When my husband and I decide spontaneously to leave the house, I'm ready to go.  I may have to find shoes, or-on the rare occasion that we decide to go somewhere nicer than the norm-change clothes, but that's it, ten minutes tops.

I enjoy dive bars, and don't expect to be carted around for martinis if we go out drinking.  In fact, martini bars make me a little uncomfortable.  I'll drink cheap beer with you, and even split a pitcher if they serve them.  I think groups of friends who do drink pitchers have a deeper sense of comraderie about them.

I don't want you to be fake around me, or feel the need to act politely.  If you feel like throwing a tantrum about your day, go for it.  I may tell you that you're being ridiculous, but I'll appreciate and honor your honesty.

I care deeply about the people I surround myself with, and try to tell them as much as often as possible.  I don't do it because I expect something from them, I do it because I want them to know.

I don't want smoke blown up my ***.  If you have a problem with something I do, you can tell me.  I'm not afraid to be wrong, and I'm not afraid to apologize. 

Basically, I just want to have a good time.  No pretention, no false airs, no expectations.  I'm not afraid to get muddy, wet, sweaty, or just good old-fashioned drunk every once in a while.  If you hold my door open for me, I'll thank you.  If you don't, my arms work just fine.  If you want to go to the opera, we can discuss the show afterwards, but if you want to take your four-wheel drive out to a mud hole, I'll hoot and holler right along with you.

Why can't more women quit worrying about what's 'prim' and 'proper,' and just enjoy life for what it is--one hell of a good, unpredictable time?

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3 Responses Mar 6, 2010

I'm totally down for the beer AND the camping, turns out they go great together. Glow-you know you rock the down-to-earth just as hard as I do, or I wouldn't put up with you :) You guys are all simply awesome peeps that I am blessed to have around.

You rock, Uno. And you are one of the coolest friends to have around for the reasons you talk about.

..Or men. First pitcher is on me. :-)