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I need help,

just started a new job in a long term facility and I am overwhelmed. I have 30 people to give meds and treatments to and all the charting and paper work that goes with it. they really frown on over time but its impossible to get everything done in 8 hrs

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Did you take the job I just quit? With the 4 tube feeds and errors from other nurses to slow you down.
I'm sitting on the fence wondering if I should Quit nursing altogether after 13 years

Curious where everybody works as a lpn (city/province/state) and how much you make at your work place?

Long term nursing is the worst place for a nurse of any kind to be employed. I recently graduated LPN school and obtained a job at a long term facility. Those types of places are setting yourself up for failure. Sure...they pay decent...but you will lose your sanity in the process. I would run and never look back. They're all the same...they will all leave you under staffed, over worked, and out to dry.

If LPNs are that grate why cant I get a job?

In a nursing home it is all about organization, don't get flustered, and DELEGATE! The CNA's are there for a reason. Don't do their work! I had a TERRIBLE time with that as a new nurse. I finally got confident enough to tell them they need to do their own work, but it isn't easy. Also, sit down and write down a little personal schedule to try to fit it all in, just jot it down on a piece of paper, you'll be surprised how much it helps. I know it's frustrating, but you'll get there. The longer you are there the more comfortable it becomes and the quicker you get at pulling those meds. I love being an LVN (LPN in most states, I live in TX)!! I found very quickly I didn't like nursing homes, so I started doing hospice. People think it is depressing, but it isn't bad. I did that for a year full time and then got my current job by putting my resumee on Monster.com. I now work for the county hospital, but I work in a jail. Yes, a jail, with bars and criminals, a jail!! I LOVE IT!!! I pass meds, do wound care, take vitals and answer requests for care. There are SO MANY different paths you can take as a nurse, which is one reason I went into nursing. Please feel free to e-mail me if you need any more advise. I know it gets discouraging, but remember why you went into nursing to begin with. YOU CAN DO IT! Oh, yeah, depending on your shift, management and other conditions, I've found that music makes me focus better. Pandora.com is a GREAT music site to listen to whatever you're into. Makes charting SO much more bearable!!!!! ;-)

Yes. Lpn's are not respected and taken advantaged of to the max.We have one yeal less training then RN's.I have over 30 years experience and a new RN graduate is given more money and more input.I would suggest you get out of long term and go into either Case Management of telephonic.Why kill yourself?Have u considered home visits?They pay more.Just a thought. I am 60 years old and just can't go back to school.

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