Its One Third of your Life!

Most people just go to sleep and wake up, without any real memory of what was within those many hours. We sleep like a third of our life and to let that third to be unused, something that never happened or something you cant control, well, it seem like giving up third of your life! It feels like a huge waste for me... I used to be one of those people who were up late and never really cared about sleeping. All of that changed when I begun to activate myself, activate all those dormant parts of myself that I haven't used since i was a child. Doing that i also activated my dreaming capabilities... among other things.

People don't know what they are missing..

At first, It's like living in two different worlds, solid one and the one inside of you. None of them, in my opinion, is more important than the other one. So, why only learn one? This is only the beginning, of course, there's a lot more in it than just small world in yourself. I am not gone talk about it all in here... but possibilities seem endless.

What is the most amazing thing at first is that all "lucid dreaming" seemed as real as this world, sometimes even more real. No alcohol or drug can make you feel this good and this amazing than lucid dreaming. I mean, if somebody would have learned it to control a bit and is a little more active than people who are just beginning to use it, then the more things you can feel in your controlled dreams. Feeling cold, warm, the sun on your face... It's not what people usually feel in dreams. But if you are in lucid dreaming and feel it all... It's so amazing to do things there. For example, when I was flying, I felt the gravity, wind resistance, that rush you get when you are on rollercoaster... I even felt the fear of heights, what I have in this world too, though its not strong fear. Accessing memories is possible too. When scientist say that you don't remember all you see in your life, I disagree, if I need, I could access any memory in my life... and even remember things I didn't notice at that moment.

Since you are in control you can project anything and any scene you want, do whatever you want and become whatever you want. Answers to like mathematical calculations come as fast as blink of an eye... solutions to problems come very fast too, probably due to the fact that there is no background noise in your mind...

I'm still learning it... though I have done most of those things I talked about, I was not perfect in doing them, I am something of a beginner myself and I have still A LOT to learn. But I keep learning and practicing, I couldn't imagine my life without it anymore.

Plus... I have never before waked up in the mornings with such calmness and feeling of being totally rested.

Doesn't that sound like something that every person should know how to do? They should teach that to us in school! :D

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I'm a lucid dreamer as well, but I've only had a few. How do you do it?

You know its real when you know, in lucid dream, it is a memory or... you wanted to remember something. Since it is your soul that you "are" there, then, when you feel like you know something in lucid dream, you are right on 99% times!

We are always learning...<br />
Thank you

You can, everybody can, luck has nothing to do with it ;)

That math thing i haven't done myself too, but I'm sure that it is the way i talked in my story... your "mind" does so much more complicated calculations in there that doing some math test... it is too trivial to waste your time with in lucid dreaming :)

We are always learning. I haven't tried to do math while lucid, it sound like fun.