Pepsi Is The Best!

In December, my sexy wife and I were lucky enough to go on a 'just us' vacation. We drove down to sunny Florida which turned out to be far cooler than what we had hoped for. Nevertheless, we had tons of alone time and we did a LOT of alone time stuff. One night just seemed to go on forever, which was really, REALLY a good thing. We were in a king sized bed which we are not used to and boy is there a lot of room to romp in one of those! Anyway, my little wife got up and when she returned I hear the familiar crack-shh of a Pepsi can opening. I just thought she was thirsty. But instead of coming back to bed, she walked around on my side and I hear her pouring the Pepsi and I have no idea what she's doing as my eyes are closed. I just figured that she didn't want the whole can and was pouring some for her and the rest was for me. As I opened my eyes, I see her dipping her nipple in a saucer of Pepsi, just in time as she leans over and drops her Pepsi coated nipple into my mouth! Wow, fizzy and everything! Well it took me no time to clean that one up and she's dipping the other! I don't have to tell you, that was my favorite can of Pepsi ever!
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1 Response Feb 7, 2011

Great story! I can almost taste that Pepsi myself. I'm sure you have several stories from this trip. I'll watch for them. Thanks.