Copping A Feel

We went to breakfast early yesterday at the nearby IHOP. Not too many were seated when we arrived, so we were pretty much in a section alone, at first. Even if we are seated at a booth, I always sit on the same side as my wife so I can see down her shirt better, and cop a feel if the opportunity presents itself. Since we were pretty much alone, I reached into my wife's shirt and squeezed first her right, then her left breast. I looked at her and her face was very red, even though nobody had caught us, (much to my dismay). Before long, 4 guys came in and sat at the booth in front of us. They were having a good time, and only 2 of them were facing our direction. As our waitress brought the check, I asked for another sweet tea to go and she took the check and the gift card I handed her. Now there was a table with 4 more patrons off to our left, and a single female drinking a Pepsi at a booth farther away. I was noticing all this so I could get my timing right, and then GO! I reached in for another quick feel. The younger man, (29 y/o or so) was looking directly at me. We had established a rapport earlier when he had dropped is cell phone and the table and I chuckled. So now, as he looked on I was reaching into my wife's shirt and he couldn't believe what he was watching. He immediately stopped talking to his buddies and watched for the 3 or 4 seconds as I fondled my wife. It was too funny. He liked it, I liked it. My wife, well, she didn't like it so much because I got caught. But she didn't complain at the time, or later on, which I thought was a good sign. Later in the day, we went to an afternoon movie the time of day rewarded us with only 7 people total in the theatre. I chose our seats carefully, 1 guy in the same row 8 seats to my left and a couple in the row behind us 6 seats to my wife's right. The others were back behind us 4 rows. Well into the movie, my wife pulled the armrest up between us so she could snuggle up closer to me. I put my arm around her and she sat slightly angled and toward the couple to our right. Again, when the timing was right, I slipped my hand down her shirt and played with her ******* for almost a full minute. She never objected, and I didn't want to stop. But as you may have read in my earlier stories, she is very new at this public thing and I'm still taking 'Baby Steps'. As I was reading the credits at the end, I glanced to our right as the couple was leaving and they both shot a glance in our direction. I couldn't tell if they were sending any sort of message, but the glance by both of them let me know that they knew. I told my wife in the car that I was a very lucky guy, getting to feel my wife up in 2 businesses on the same day! I sure can't wait for the next road trip which seems to have been postponed indefinitely now. But i'll keep you all posted with new experiences!
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Mar 19, 2011