Freshly Showered

So there is nothing that turns me on more than my naked wife. It has become one of my favorite pasttimes sitting on the bed waiting for her to come out of the shower, she is just so sexy. Yesterday as I was sitting on the bed images of her naked body were running through my mind as I anticipated her exiting the shower, drying herself. Then a thought came to me. I turned and lay across the bed with my head just hanging down a bit over the edge. As I hear the shower stop, I start to get excited, waiting impatiently for my lovely wife. And there she was! One towel wrapped around her hair and drying off with another. She slowly walked towards me with a look on her face like, 'What are you doing?' As she came within arm's reach, I reached out with both hands, taking her hips and turning her around. I pulled her toward me, and as she felt my face against her ***, she realized she was about to get licked! I love her *****. She keeps it pretty well trimmed and as she spread her legs a little and bent over to dry her hair, I buried my face in her freshly showered, still very wet *****. WOW!! I was liking this a lot! I didn't get to continue as long as I had hoped, because she was getting ready for work and I could have made her VERY late! But I did get a great snack, and a terrific idea on a way to start our next uninterrupted playtime!
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May 4, 2011