What Can I Say

I have no escuse.

I love women and i love all the women on EP.

There are some that i might lust more then others sexually.

but then there are some that i lust for in diffrent ways.

how can i say this? i don't know but lust is a ************. it gets you going and there is no stoping it.

and i'm sticking to that. lol
51-55, M
19 Responses Aug 4, 2010

BV i can definately live with ya. lol mmm mmm

Im sure we will just have to learn to live with it lol Such a efliction!

no, i believe it brings the EPeepers to ya. lol

so i'm the inspiration of the day for ya Pix? lol

i'm always lusting for you sweets, as for lester there might be some people on here that think i am. lol<br />
and i'm not arguing with them. :)

you inspired me to use lust as my one word story for today! *wink*

i love it great job. thanks

let me check it out, lol

Do you like the avatar? Lust, it does a body good ;-) hehehe!!!!!!!!!

you just don't know. :)

LOL!!! Perhaps I did! *wink* ;-)

you know i do, i wanna say you brought out my luster. lol

Oh I do hope you lust over me Ptman! hehehe!!! :-)

ya, but that comes from birth with you. the attention problem. lol

Exactly! Or it might just become cathcy... hopefully that won't be bad either! ;D <br />
Heck yeah, I'm on a roll today! I just told someone I'm so poor I can't PAY attention!! heheehehe

your on a roll today ain't ya. what's spelling check? lol<br />
<br />
so you think lusterfuck all one word will be catchy. lol

Why not? THere's the word: cluster-f***. It's a "C" away from Luster! <br />
BTW... what's cathcy??? :O *giggles* Spell-check go out on ya again?? ;)

you think it can become a cathcy word? lol<br />
<br />
i don't know Em.

Yer a Lusterf***er! :O ROFLMBO! YOu need to add this to EP's Dictionary! With a pic of your avitar beside it! hehehee