My Purpose

i am not sure what my purpose of living is,i keep my feelings hidden as a quiet,shy person but if i began to like you i would warm up to you and speak,but all that happens when i did is got taken advantage of, used,and thrown out.i help people ehen they needed me,i guess i was being too nice.and if i did fall in love,she would be too far away,or ends up breaking me like a used pair of chopsticks.....maybe i don't have a purpose here...maybe i was a mistake i mean look at me....i'm just gonna do everyons a favor.
BladeTheDejectedLooney BladeTheDejectedLooney
22-25, M
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Why am I reading about myself in your post?


I am literally reading about what happens to me in your post. Why?

This has happened,eh? why am I still confused? XD

I mean it happens to me and I thought I am the only one. So I read your post because I think your experience is interesting and I found out that you are just like me.

Oh.then I guess we are.. ^^


*staring* o.o

*stares back* wad?

how come you can't be messaged?

Oh. Must be because I turned off something but I don't remember where... Why? Oh, I know. Okay.

*shakes head*

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Cuting hurts more than you think it's not like a scrape from the concrete side walk its like the worst pain

I used to be like you it's harder to take your own life then it seems and trust me cutting hurts

Look, you have so much to live for! Don't throw it all away! You can have a great life in the future! I know it's hard now, but you can look forward. trust me!

:((((( please no!!!!!!!!

Don't be like that please I tried my best to explain

it's not just's evryone else i know too..i'm sorry.

Yeah but I know I hurt you when I didn't mean to

i'm used to it that's why i'm doing's gonna be my first attempt,but i won't fail.i have a sword...

What the **** did you say to my mate?!

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