Iphone Call History Question With Ios 5 ?

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Apple killed the UNLIMITED Call History with new iOS 5 ?

Any Simple Suggestion Apps like what Apple had with the old iOS for unlimited call history for the New iOS 5 for the iPhone 4S that works as original fearure on the phone, other than a complex app like Phoneview ?

Thank You !
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4 Responses May 21, 2012

Maybe it was a memory thing. I don't own a smart phone yet. Still on the fence.

It's Available to find an app but I would have to jail break my iPhone which I would not prefer to do. Any Suggestions ?

No, unfortunately not. So how many calls does it now hold in history? I still have the old phone...

I believe now it holds 30 stored phone calls in the history but it held 100 calls before the upgrade

I have the 4 S

No apps that are approved by Apple

I didn't realize they got rid of that. Have you found an app for this yet?

Yes if I jailbreak my iPhone but trying to find an app that stores 100 calls without jailbreaking my iPhone