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My Name Is Michael...

and I am an admitted maiesiophiliac. I have been since I was in my early teens. There has always been something that stirs me deep down inside about a woman who is pregnant with child. Just even the thought of seeing a lady in said condition is enough to make me hard. I have lots of fantasy's about what I would do, if I had a girl friend, significant other or even a friend with benefits who was pregnant with child. While ultimately there is nothing "Wrong" with our particular fetish or philia. It is still looked down upon by even our selves as we try to hide what our interest is for fear of being thought as a freak or some sort of pervert. 

Well we are to a sense, where our kink goes into the wierd or freakishness is when we are trying to get pic's without permission of the individual we are trying to snap pics of. Or if we are trying to push ourselves into another person's life just to get our jollies off. It is one thing when permission is obtained and when consent has been asked for. This is where we as maiesiophilia's go wrong is when we try to be unobtrusive or sneaky about getting our pictures or what have you, or be in a relationship just so we can get our rocks off. 

I am Michael and I am an admitted maiesiophiliac.
Michael820 Michael820 46-50, M 9 Responses Jun 16, 2011

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Lol where were you when I was pregnant twice, once by a guy who left as soon as he found out, next by my soon to be ex-husband who won't touch me (pregnant or not)
Off birth control I am super sexual...sadly I had to service myself because both babies fathers were self-centered a-holes. During my last trimester of each pregnancy I was so whipped up I *********** daily. What a waste, I never even heard of this fetish till just now.

Wish I knew where I was. I would have loved to have been with you.

I find fantasising about pregnancy an exceptional turn on, wanting a man to touch my naked huge belly, drink from my heavy and swollen breasts ...... To sextalk sex during late pregnancy and explore the sexuality of birth ......... any men out there want to join me in my fantasies?

fantasise about the idea of sex during late pregnancy, my waters breaking during sex....... Having an intimate and sexual birth ........ any men out there want to role play this with me?

Im looking to breed, lets figured something out?

If I where not snipped, I would love to do you the Honor's.

That's not so odd. I've known many men who are.... That word I can't spell, lol. I think it's a pretty normal thing to be attracted to someone who is very obviously fertile. Makes sense to me.

where do you live? I am pregnant

I live out in Littleton, CO. A Suburb of Denver.

i do not think you are weird. infact i think i should have known you when i was pregnant the first time and had no one to comfort me. In truth i become insatiable when i am pregnant. I didn't understand it and was deeply ashamed the first time. But when it happened again the second time and i was married my husband couldn't believe his luck, Morning noon and night that is what i wanted and plenty of it. I have the usual tummy that women develop after babies and love to poke it out and let my husband rob it. He enjoys it too. My **** were also huge and heavy and leaking every where when i was pregnant and after i gave birth they got even fuller. i loved having them milked. i miss this greatly

Thank you for taking the time to post to my story in the "I am a Maiesiophiliac" group. It is good to see that we who are into this Fetish are not weird or out of touch. I wish I had meet someone like you! It would be nice to experience! Again my sincere thanks for replying and I do hope to see you again online at EP.

contact me please, we could DO somethings together.....

I have lots of fantasies about me affectionately touching caressing, and having sex with pregnant women.

Having a girlfriend who LOOKS pregnant and likes to pretend to be pregnant (and even gets off on that) is just as good as having a partner who is actually pregnant. Plus the fun is not limited to nine months!

Very true, wish I had that or even a girl friend who would like to play at the act of getting pregnant.

Pregnancy fantasies are very common among women, especially those who have had already had children and long to return to the days of their pregnancies.

i would love to be your fantasy

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