I've Dated A Couple Of Young Men Who Were Into This Fetish...

and because I had never heard the medical terminology for it, I looked up the above mentioned word...Maieusiophilia...and found this...amongst other interesting articles on the fetish.  I hope you enjoy it.


:- )

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I LOVE and enjoy pregnant women. I believe they are gorgeous just like I believe BBW are the most gorgeous women in the world.

Thank God for men like you, CAP. :-)

Thank you Greeneyedkitten. I would love to talk to you sometime please. :-)

How have you been doing? :-)

I am that woman, I just love being pregnant time and time again and love the men who get and keep me that way. It is so fulfilling and rewarding beyond belief.


Ahhh happynpregnant, I know women who absolutely glowed and have had wonderful pregnancies, and I was surely hoping to be one of them. Sadly however, that was not in the cards for me, especially with my second pregnancy. Consider yourself amongst the fortunate women with whom pregnancy does agree. How many pregnancies/babies have you had, btw? :-)

Pregnant ladies exude sensuality ! they glow and their breasts ans bellies swell in such a beautiful way ! totally one of lifes finest pleasures is to make love with a pregnant sexy lady !

I believe that depends upon the woman and the pregnancy, Psully. My first pregnancy, with my daughter, my hormones kept me turned on 24/7, to the point of my calling hubby up and asking if he could come home early from work to "take care of me." I wouldn't say that I "glowed," however, but others may have thought I did.

My second pregnancy, with my son, was completely polar opposite to the first. I felt extremely swollen, tired, completely worn out and very unattractive during that pregnancy. I also lost my thyroid function and got gestational diabetes, only adding to my overall exhausted state. Again, I personally don't see how any man could have found me attractive during that period in my life.

Well doggone it, I couldn't get the site to open..Phooey

I'm sorry you weren't able to get into the site, Mr. T. I now see that it's a MySpace account, and so you probably have to have a MySpace account in order to log in and read other's posts. I'm sure, however, that you can find lots of info on the subject online. ;-)

I have to admit I really love pregnant women, There is just something so natural and special about them. I always look back with great fondness the time I spent enjoying my wife while she was pregnant with our Daughter.
Take Care.

That's wonderful, Leo. If only EVERY man felt that way about his wife and child, this world would enjoy more peace and less violence. Thank you for your heart-warming response. :-)

There is just something so elemental, so deeply spiritual, so basic as a pregnant woman. Without them we as a species would disappear rather quickly. In one sense, pregnant woman is what life is all about, the creating of a new life to perpetuate mankind. <br />
<br />
We now days are losing that, the tradition of Women and children first has been lost and we are much poorer for it. To me a woman is never more beautiful than when her belly is swelled with child, her breasts are full of milk and she has that glow that speaks of life, love and a bond so deep. Such are the things that dreams are made of.

308, I'm sorry I've not seen your reply until now, however, your posting is just so touching I had to comment. I agree with you. It seems that we, as a Nation, are no longer raising our sons to be respectful, chivalrous and gentle men.
I've taught my son the basics of opening doors for females, pulling out her chair at a restaurant or other venue, and not cursing (though sadly his mother curses like a sailor, at times.) But there is much more that he needs to be taught, and that portion of it can only be taught by his father. And, the best way for his father to teach him those core values is to lead by example. Sadly, his father has done a **** poor job of "leading by example," and so I worry that my son may carry those "lessons" into his personal romantic relationships. sigh.
Thank you for your sincere and genuine response on this thread. :-)

A pregnant woman is just so wonderful to be with - just great!

I always wanted to tickle a pregnant woman. :)

I have developed a technique whereby I tickle her tummy just above her 'Mount Venus',then push into her pouting fleshy ***** my **** to tickle her from the inside and outside simultaneously....this is a queue toreally feel everything softly climax as her breasts sway and her tummy bloats up even bigger!

MasterTickler, you are just too funny. :-)

lol. I know i would have, you laughing. :D

I didn't realize that I was a 'Maieusiophiliac' until my lady started out in the first months of pregnancy,breasts swelling ***** weet all the time,great appetite,superb skin,fantastic smell...I wanted to **** her ALL the time,front,back,side,day,night,up,down,private,public...everywhere!<br />
<br />
But then I realized that I was a 'Somnophilliac' also,combine the two and you have a guy that will play with the body of his pregnant lady even when she's asleep,and during pregnancy,women sleep alot,no periods to worry about,so I would be licking her ***** nearly all night,slipping those red lips apart and pressing my **** slowly into her hot tunnel,as the months rolled on,her ***** would get shorter and tighter,wetter and hotter,her breast would be so firm with huge nipples,it's impossible to really describe how all that was,so just imagine trying to resist it!!<br />
<br />
So, after 5 children,(Okay,one pregnancy brought us twins!),the four periods where I was able to share that wonderful transformation of the female body,even contribution to the final phase when the midwife suggested sex to dilate the cervix as ***** accelerates this dilation,I was in HEAVEN!<br />
<br />
I could father and follow the mothers everytime they're pregnant to the end of my days,pregnant mothers ARE life,maybe it's that,that I celebrate so much!! So I don't think it's a phobia,I think that if every man on this earth were to be passionately attracted to pregnant women as I am,then probably WAR would end forever!<br />
<br />
Just looking at them,being close to them,and finally being able to be part of her as life grows inside her,makes this world a marvelous place to be!

I can completely understand your feeling that way, BANDULU.

There's just no tellin' what'll excite us, huh.


I suppose it's the transformation before our very eyes,the elasticity of her skin,and the extra weight all makes her irresistably shaggable! My dear Greeneyedkitten!

I agree with everything you said, right up till you believed it would end war, sorry, I think there would be even more as men fought over the pregnant women, there will always be those that wish to claim all and not share.

Thats so true.

Maybe it was an ideal vision to go with the beauty of a pregnant woman,but war all started over water and land,no use having all the women if they couldn't drink or bath,wash and cook.
But I take your point,I'm a hippy at heart!

That's beautiful sentiment! *Wants to be a worshipped pregnant woman* (sighs dreamily)

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I wish I had known about this fetish when I was pregnant, because I never felt sexy during either of my pregnancies. I felt tired all the time, ravenously hungry all the time, and plumb worn out, but sexy was not an adjective I felt during that time. Although, with my first pregnancy, my daughter, I remained horny 100% of the time, and so her father was one very happy man, back then. lol.

Apart from the daily cycle of sleep and rest for these amazing women,sex is also part of their desires,serve her all that she wants on a decorated tray and her ***** will drip with pleasure,those breasts will bob and pout for attention,and her kisses will be deep and hot like never before!

Interesting, I love pregnant women. They are so orgasmic.