My Birth And Pregnancy Fetish

Since I've been in my early teen's I've had a infatuation with watching woman give birth that eventually became a fetish. I find the process amazing and a miracle and at the same time extremely beautiful and erotic. I especially love see when a woman vagina is bulging with the head of the baby and when it crowns fully. I love hearing a woman moan and no i'm not a misogynist it just sounds hot to me.
I also love seeing very swollen pregnant bellies but it's gotten to the point that if it's someone i know i have to avert my eyes to not appear creepy.

Someday i hope to have sex with someone pregnant, have sex with someone/anal sex while they give birth, and help a woman deliver a baby naturally.

Message me if you have a birth fetish as well or are at all interested in talking about it.
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Dec 16, 2012