It feels strange to write about this. For many years I've generally kept it to myself and not told anyone of my thoughts or my feelings on the subject.

For the longest time, I've found pregnant women, especially very heavily pregnant women, to be attractive. I'm not entirely sure why, but to me they are very physically desirable.

For the longest time I feared I was unusual or disgusting but it just felt natural to me and it never diminished. Now that I'm older I've come to realise that I wish I could spend my life with a woman who was perpetually expectant; either through pretend means or through surrogacy. I would happily do my best for them and treat them like a goddess.

It's not just a physical attraction, but an aesthetic one too; it's a beautiful stage of life.

I just hope that I will find someone to whom I can be with that can be so accepting of this side of my life. I have tried to share it before and have been met with disgust. Hope springs eternal, however!

Take care, all!
Syonide Syonide
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Mmmm.yes. I'm a female with the same urges. Tell me what makes you really aroused. I love being hugely pregnant, waddling...very horny...

Me too, but honestly after being with a pregnant woman a few times (who was carrying somone elses baby) it really does not feel any different than a non pregnant woman. So it's good to get it out of your system though

Honestly, even though I'm a woman, I feel the same way you do! :)

Welcome to being a public member of the group :D
There's nothing to be ashamed of, but some people will yell at things they don't understand.
there's millions of us and the numbers are (ironically) growing by the day :D