Help!!! Thinking Of Being A Makeup Artist But I Dont Know How Or Where To Start Or What To Do?

I want to put make-up on celebrities and models and the people on music videos. I don't want to do special effects make-up though just like make people prettier like movie stars, singers, and models. Would it be better for me to attend an esthetics school or a makeup school? If an esthetics school, do I learn the same things about makeup as a makeup school? Which schools would you guys recommend that aren't extremely expensive? How do I get my dreams to come true? Whats the difference between the two? What are the job rates and things like that? Which would be better to making my dreams come true? Any help would be hugely appreciated. Thank-you
Oh yea I'm 19 and right now at a community college studying fashion design and fashion merchandising. Idk if that helps but yea :) Thank you very much
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Honestly, without having you valuable time with any makeup artist it is impossible to make yourself real artist. Please make someone who is real makeup artist and can give you much advices.
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I am with you on the same page! Hahaha, my best friend just went to beauty school and loved it. She only went to school for a year and a half and is ready to start her makeup school Toronto. I want to do that! I want to get going on my career but I have no idea where to start. Help us!