At The Party

me and my wife like to throw wild partys all the time. she loves to invite lots of guys to watch me have sex with them. she love to watch me take it in the *** by men and for me to blow them. for my birthday she want to put me in a gang bang with all guys cant wait.
bigpapapump bigpapapump
26-30, M
6 Responses Jul 15, 2010

My wife likes dominant black men and like you we have parties where we both get ****** . She likes to tease me in front of them and watch them use me. Lots of black guys really enjoy using a white boy sissy.


Right on, I love how open you and your wife are. Have a good time.

WOW! Sounds like you can have your cake & eat it too! Sounds HOT!!!

my boy freand has done thr same for me .... its so great to serve all those dicks and balls and be a total bottom boy ....

I am so jealous!! Some day maybe that dream will *** true for me... Love to be the fluffer for that!!