C/l Encounter

Being single, and horny I figured why not let a man suck me off!. having access to a ABS with glory holes this provided many good BJ for me. I moved to VA not to long afterwards. no ABS so I took to C/L and went to a guys house. we chatted I ******** nakid. this was different more personal! he was in loose boxers with a big bulge. he directed me to sit in a easy chair and that I was about to recieve a wonderfull BJ for my nice ****! OMG was he good. He was ******* my ***. mmmm as he was sucking my **** back and forth. using his fingers on my ***. he asked if i minded. I said no it felt ok..good even! he continued on. ohh his finger entered my ***. wiggling around. making me moan oh yes! fingering my *** and his moth on my ****. I exploded *** in his mouth. sucked my dry.
He stands up stroking his ****. asks if I ever had anal before, shure seemed like i enjoyed his fingers ******* me. No I havent, But I would like to try it. laying on my back i grab my legs further back. he applies lube to my ***. It is such a rush, Im going to get my *** ******! placing his **** against my *******.
It was a wonderfull feeling! being entered, ****** feeling his *** shoot.
I have done this twice since then
Married know, wife does not know. occured before marraige
I would do it again
live in VA
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1 Response Jul 20, 2010

i always use vaginal lubricant when taking a **** inside my ***. It is the same as a genetic girl's natural lube and my men say it is nice to find that I am already wet when they enter me. More of the total female experience for me.

Where do you get the stuff. I want my cd boyfriend to enjoy the feeling you describe,

walmart in the feminie products section, make him go get it and pay for it, it's even better than making him buy tampons or pads every monty.