Me And My Neighbor

It all started new years eve.i gave my neighbor a blow job. We talked and he wanted me to dress up for just dressing ay home part time i thought wow do I did.that night was so hot.i totallydressed up and had a special night.have done it 3 times since.I'm now his girl and love it.
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I had an experience much like that. I had a very dominant neighbor and I tend to be submissive when around these strong men. This guy has ****** half of the wives in our neighborhood including mine so he is a real cockhound. One day he came over to my house while my wife was away for a visit out of town and we just sat around for awhile and drank a few beers. He started talking about sex and rubbing his crotch area. I could tell he was getting hard but so was I. He said finally that he was getting so hot that he had to take his **** out and play with it. I had never seen his **** so was somewhat shocked by his size. It was bigger than any I had seen. So I guess I stared at it a little longer than I should have and he noticed, He then said he thought I was a potential ********** and he was going to prove it. He cam over to where I was sitting and just pushed it into my mouth. I realized I wanted him to do that and I sucked it as well as I could, Well he had my number then and I sucked his **** several times that week and even more later. One day he decided to take the rest and made me bend over and he ****** me in the ***. It hurt at first but finally started feeling good. Of course, I was his from then on particularly after he told my wife and showed her what a ****** I was, Then he owned both of us. Never been happier,

well hot mra ihope you find that.if youlike iwill be her on yahoo or text

Mmmmm that love when hes holding you and **** oh damn

I just had sex with a parntered couple. The one man had a **** to die for. He was only 6" long, but had a **** that was 5" at the ba<x>se. He liked that i put on a pair of crotchless stockings. He thought that that was hot and was so hard that with my legs in the air he was able to pound my ***, balls banging hard against my thighs. He was so excited and we did bareback. We are all negagive and he wanted to feel skin against skin. I loved that he came in my ***. He was fully erect and totally hard. He loved the sexual excitement. I loved the hard erect **** in my *** banging against me till he filled me with his ***. I was totally focussed on him and his passionate entry into my hole. I was fully whorish, gay, man crazy and loved it !

I'm in no way either homosexual or into anal sex, but reading about you feeling so happy from the sex you've been having actually makes me feel happy on the inside. :)
I hope you're still enjoying life just as much, and continue to do so. :D

It is so lucky.

... and to **** for too!

I wish I had someone to suck for regularly

it's nice to have a bf to take care of us sissies

I would love to have a sissie for my "girlfriend"

id be a sissy

Oh I it

Thanks karen girl i so love it.and you too

Thanks sweety. I love it