First Time Was With My Friend

My friend and I were in our early 20's drinking at his house one night and playing darts in the basement. We were trying to distract the other while playing cricket. It started innocent enough with talking to the other while they were throwing and such. It quickly evolved into me cupping his balls when he threw his darts. He actually shot well and I told him that he must really like that. He smiled and did the same for me. However, when he reached down, I was semi-hard. He didn't say much and we continued our game. A bit later (and several more drinks) we were sitting on the bed in the basement while he played video game football. I was bored, drunk, and horney. I got up to look around and found some girl's clothes in a hamper all folded. I asked him whose they were. His ex's he said, she left them here. He was oblivious to anything but the game so I put on panties, a bra, skirt, and shirt to see what he would say and try to freak him out. I walked over to the bed and he glanced at me and said "nice skirt". I sat down by him and put my hand on his crotch and asked if he liked it... He nodded and told me that skirts always get him going. I felt him get hard in his gym shorts and put my hand up a leg hole to stroke him. Pretty soon he pulled them down as as I continued to stroke him. He told me that if he scored on the next play I would have to blow him. Being worked up, I just said "whatever" and went down on him before the play took place. He really got into it and was working his hips in and out as I was taking what I could. He laid back on the bed and I climbed up next to him. He put his hand up the skirt and said "you have panties on too?" I nodded "bra as well". He took the shirt I was wearing off and exposed me in a bra. He leaned in to kiss me and I went with it. I made out with him as he removed his clothes and was on his back. I lowered down to his **** and began sucking again. He lifted my skirt up and started rubbing my *** and eventually undid the skirt and pulled it down. I felt his finger near my hole and told me that he wanted me. I didn't say anything but took his **** out of my mouth and straddled him. His **** was pressing against my *** and I slowly backed my *** on it until he penetrated me. We went slow at first as he worked in with the panties pulled to the side. eventually we were full blown ******* while making out. I actually came on his chest before he finished. When he did finish in my ***, I simply rolled next to him and we fell asleep.
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So ******* erotic. I wish I was the fly on the wall that could have seen that encounter. Good for you and thanks for sharing.



I recently spent the weekend with some gay partnered friends. I had brought some 'frilly' clothing wth me and told them. They asked if I had some crotchless stockings. I just happened to have some. After putting them on one of my friends decided to **** me. We had ****** me earlier, but this time he wanted to bareback. I didn't ob<x>ject as we all had tested negative. He had a 6" ****, but the ba<x>se of it was 5" in circumfrance. I loved that he wanted to put his **** all the way up my ***. His friend was hard, but couldn't stay hard enough to enter me. The large guy was very excited and did enter me to his balls. He was so excited that he ****** me till he came. He was soooooo hard and so hot. He made me feel like such a ***** and I wanted him to 'do' me till I came myself. He did. And, I did. I sucked his partner while he ****** me. We had such a wonderful time. I love being the bottom and want to have a 'large' man **** me whenever I can. I will go back to see them again.

It unfortunately was a one time event. I moved out of state not long afterwards. The panties made the experience for me. I am hoping something like that happens again.