Me And My Step-dad

When i was around sixteen i started to question if I was straight. so like any 16 year old boy i started looking at **** but the naked females didn't turn me on so i looked at gay men ****** and i busted a nut. i was doing this for about a month when Frank, my step dad, walked in on me while i was comming all over my bed. When he saw me all he said was "Tell me if you need something". Well i didn't think i need anything untill about a year later when i finally decided i was gay. i went in to tell my dad and i completely forgot about what happened a year ago. When i entered his room he was on his laptop ************. When he finally saw me he just keppt on going. he motioned with his head to his dresser and so i oppened it. inside was a bottle of lube. i took it out and gave it too him. he shot his load in his hands and finally started to talk to me. I first told him i was gay expecting him to be totally furious with me. but he told me he always wanted to **** a gay guy and told me to ***** down. when i did i finally relized what was going on and i started getting hard. My **** swelled to about six inches and i felt pretty proud of myself untill i relized that Franks uncut **** was easily ten inches and about an inch thick. first he told me to kneel and i did. catching a hit i started sucking his massive uncut penis. i kept on sucking for about three minutes him making small mowns and he motioned for me to stop. We crawled on the bed and got in a 69 position. I don't know were frank learned but he knew how to suck a ****. When i finally came frank swallowed the entire load. however he was still going. he pulled out and started lubing his ****. while doing that with one hand he was preparing my arse with his other. slowly sticking in one finger then pulling it out. the sticking in more. when he finally penetrated i was hard again. he ramed his hips into mine and i could feel his **** swelling. he came in my *** and pulled out then told me to stick my now hard penis up his ***. it felt so good pumping up and down before i came he told me to pull out and finish myself off. so i did and i spewed all over my chest. Frank leaned over and licked it all of and his **** was now hard. i sucked it some more and when he came in my mouth i couldn't hold it all. When both of us were finally exhausted we collapsed on his bed and fell asleep. we took seperate showers and life continued on. But the next week my mom left for work and frank called me into his bedroom. we talked and he told me that he was gay and my mother knew it. We did this every weekend untill i moved out when i was nineteen and he became sort of my gay sex mentor.
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My step dad's *** was he first that I ever tasted, other than my own.

I was about 20, living at home and I used to lay in bed at night stroking my **** and sometimes spitting between my thighs and sliding my **** back and forth between them. This will always bring me to ****** even if the stroking doesn't. Since my bedroom had once been a porch, there was still a window to the dining room.

One night after my Mom had fallen asleep my step dad just happened to peek through the blinds just as I shot my *** in my hand and was licking it up. I had thought I saw the blinds move while I was licking but wasn't sure. A couple nights later, after I had jerked off in my hand and was about to lick it up, he walked into my room and told me "go ahead and lick it up, there's nothing wrong with drinking *** if you like it". I knew I was busted and slowly licked up my *** as he watched. He said that it appeared that I really liked the taste of ***, since I always licked it up when I jerked off. I couldn't deny it so I told him yes.

He reached into his pajamas and took out his ****. It was much larger than mine and already quite erect. As he stroked it, he told me that he had a real treat for me, to open my mouth and he would give it to me. I told him that I didn't want it but he insisted that should taste it or he might have to tell my Mother what I had been doing.

As he got closer to *******, he brought his **** closer you my face. Soon he told me to open wide. I didn't want to but I didn't want him to tell my Mom either. So, I reluctantly parted my lips a little and as he reached his peak, he ordered me to open wider. I did as he said just as his *** shot out and into my mouth. After several spurts, he told me to take his **** in my mouth and hold it there. I did and he gave the rest to me.

He told me that I had done good but that tomorrow he wanted me to suck his **** until he ***. After he left my room, I swallowed the rest of his *** and realized that it tasted as good as mine. By the next night I was looking forward to tasting more. He came to my room as soon as Mom had fallen asleep, took his **** out and before he could tell me to take it, I had already taken it in my mouth and began sucking.

He must have really liked my sucking because I had only sucked him for a couple minutes when he told me "here it comes" and exploded in my mouth. There was a lot more *** than the night before. I swallowed a couple times and he was still shooting more. I loved the taste of his *** and looked forward to the next time I could swallow it. After that night, I sucked him off at least one a week and loved doing it.

I only wish that this happened to me

Wow.... So hot post...

hi, i'm jack, nice to meet you.

wish he was my step dad

love it love it

Very hot! I enjoyed your story, thanks

Same thing happen to me, but i felt so guilty because he was my step dad. I still haven't tell anyone, but I i don't know what should I do if I have him in front of me. I always dream about him... He was so sexy and he have a big penis about 10 or 11 inches. He always make me hard.

love you


Why did your mom marry him if she knew he was gay?

I think the sexy step dad fantasy is very common among us gay guys -- up their with the sexy male college professor.

wwoww 10inchhhhh **** :)

Wow that ******* hot

So the unanswered question would be.... Does your mother know that you are gay and if so, did she ask about your step-dad since he said she knew he was. I guess that would be a bit of an odd talk.

I wish I had a curious sexy step dad that wants to **** me

great story. i wish i could of been your step dad :)

did your mom ever find out about the 2 of you .. Me and my stepson started playing around when he found out that I was a crossdresser and he wanted to crossdress too the firdt time we did it we both were dressed up and I mad him *** 3 times and were doing it every week still do from time to time it also made our relationship much stronger he even ref to me as his Dad

thats a very hot story!

Good story

great story,glad you had someone at home for you.

that was one hot story got me hard!

keeping it in the family i see

Yeah i am it was my biological dads idea to get me cut. but i think uncut dicks are sexy