Male To Male Anal Sex Is The Feeling Of Giving And Receiving

I remember as young man how an older man wanted to make love to me.  He loved to give me oral sex and sucked my **** a lot.  I enjoyed it so much and when I came he sucked every drop of my ***.  This is the giving and receiving from one man to another.  Even better I love tom give my bottom to man to penetrate his **** and *** in my bottom.  I love receiving anal sex from a man very much as I feel loved by him.  I prefer anal sex more than oral sex
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wish u get more expereinces

I too was introduce to anal sex at age 12 by my neighbor who was 30, it was painful at first but i grew to enjoy it, the feeling by the time i was 16 was intense, i was raped at 12 but did not know it then, He told me it was what boy's did and i believed him....since i did not have a dad, he became my dad, and he took me

I love having a man inside me. Missionary is my favorite position so I can see his face while he ***** my tight little hole... yummy

I love getting *** ****** too! Fells sooo good!

nice story I love anal sex

i fantasize about a woman using a ******* as well

i love the thrusting in and out of my *** as I'm bent over a car or couch

i love anal sex also and prefer it over oral sex

I love living as a woman. I have been living full time as alycee for 2 yrs now and I love every thing about being a woman. But the greatest sensation i have experienced from dating men is having them make love to my anus. <br />
<br />
I agree with the above comments. When a man's penis is inside you, you feel so so close to them and so loved by them. It is pure heaven. I get very disappointed if a date does not finish with sex.<br />
<br />
And I'll do it anywhere just to have a man inside me.<br />
<br />
I rarely miss out fortnately.

Yeah I like the filing of a **** sliding into my arse inch by inch

the feeling of a **** deep inside mel so good

Yes its really a sensation to get ****** in *** by a male. I love it. Your story is hot!

I long to have a male lover again. I want the feeling of him inside me and the joy of him shooting deep inside me. If anyone is interested then let me know.

me too

Although females have nice ***** and a fairly tight back hole, anal sex is much better with men, you have another penis than yours to play with, ******* are more intense, and you can alternately play bottom and top if you wish...I find a woman with a strap-on so incredibly ridiculous...

What you want in your *** is warm, nude male meat, not some plastic thing and a woman believing for a minute that her miserable **** changed into a real ****!

I love to do this and have,I`m a bottom and enjoy doing this

i too am a bottom and just luv it

its the sharing more men should think about that it feels good because it is from him and vice versa togetherness

id love to help you with your sensual desires

I would love to befriend you. Please send a message to enable me to become your friend.

I love the feel of a **** swelling as it **** in my ***. I would love to have a **** in my ***, a mouth on my **** and a **** in my mouth all at once.