It Hurt At First Butt Then

hi i was 17yr the first time he was in his 30ies i didnt know i was bi at that time he got me drunk and ****** me all night and it ended up me doing it for a year or two thewn i stoped got married devoresd 20yr went by then i started going to adult stores geting sucked then sucking then picking up trannys finely geting ****** again it hurt at first but did it for a few more times now im hooked love beenig ****** evan did gang bank to wish i never stoped the first time i still like women but i love **** to having more then one guy cume in my *** and it draining out of my *** mmmmm love it
bratley6 bratley6
1 Response May 9, 2012

That was a dream come true wasnt it. The pain is indescribable because of the pure pleasure. I love having a big hard **** in me