Final Game Of Chess (check Mate)

I had been going down to see Bill every few weeks. We had gotten into a normal routine that consisted of us performing oral on each other and him ******* me in the ***. I would always leave very satisfied and full.
The last time I went, I noticed another car in the driveway and figured that our usual romp would not be happening. Bill met me at the door and walked into his living room and he introduced me to his friend Derrick. Derrick was bills age and built a little bigger through the shoulders but has a nice smile and was very pleasant.
I noticed that Derrick was checking me out and asking me many questions about myself really showing an interest in me. He asked if I had a girl friend and I had just started, dating a nice girl he also asked if I was getting any sex from her and I answered I was not. At that point, Bill said that I was only getting sex from him, which threw me a little. At that point, I figured bill had told him about our times together.
Next think I know Derrick walled over to me and started to kiss my neck and rubbing me through my pants. My **** started to get hard and in the back of my mind, I knew what was going to happen. He told me that Bill had told him that l loved giving head and being ****** and asked if I was interested in doing it with him also.
By this time, Bill had already ******** down and was rubbing his **** watching Derrick kiss and rub me. I reached down, took his **** out, and started stroking it. This is when we all moved to the bedroom and Derrick and I got naked too.
We all got on the bed I laid on my back while Bill started to suck my ****. Derrick moved up by my head and places his **** on my lips and I started to suck on it. It was bigger than bills by about 2 inches and while I was sucking, it was starting to look forward to what it was going to feel like in my ***. By this time bill had lubed up my *** and was working his finger into me getting me ready. Bill stopped and told me to get on my hands and knees. Once I changed positions, Bill wasted no time in entering me. Derrick was starting to pump his **** in my mouth faster as he was watching Bill **** me. I was thinking that I did not want him to come in my mouth and I wanted to take his load in my *** so I slowed him down so he would not ***.

That about the time Bill was grunting and I could start to feel his **** swell up and spasm and he was pump my mu *** full of ***. Bill stayed put for a few moments pushing his **** in me as deep as he could while watching Derrick **** my face. Derrick asked if he could also **** me and he moved to bills place. Boy I could really feel the size difference he was 2” longer but felt like 4 Inches bigger in girth. He slid right in using Bills *** as a lube. He slowly started to pump in and out and I loved it Bill moved around and started to suck my aching ****. It did not take long until derrick was asking if he could *** in me and all I could do was node. He started to grunt and then I felt his **** throb and I know he was blowing his load deep in my ***.
We all got up and took a breather. In about an hour, we were all back at it. I remember walking him I had four loads in my *** as they both ****** me again. What a wonderful night that was.

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Four big juicy loads in your *** ... lucky bastard!