After Thanksgiving *******

It was a long Thanksgiving week with family around and no anal sex for me. Well, today I have been making up for lost time. I started with a real nice but heavy black guy with a real thick ****. We had trouble at first getting him into my *******. His belly was sort of in the way. But we worked on it until we found just the right position for him to get that fat long **** up my manpussy. He gave me a real workout and then shot his *** up my belly.
Next was a small slim white guy that has a 7 inch **** but more slim than the black guy. He ****** me royally for a while and I sucked his **** straight out of my *** filled ******* for a while and then he went right back to ******* me and shot a huge ******* hot load up my rectum. I was really getting a butthole full of man cream by now.
The third and last guy, I think, was another white guy but much heavier than the second one. He had a nice thick **** but only about 6 inches worth, which is just fine to me. I sucked him until he started moaning and I knew if I was to get ****** I had to stop and get him inside me quick. Well, he doggie styled me really good. He didn't *** near as fast as I feared. He just ****** and ****** and ****** my now sore little rosebud. When he did *** he raised me off the bed with his **** and leg muscles. He spewed so much come in me that it ran down the inside of my thigh while he was still hammering away.
I am now sitting here at the computer with a very tired sore ******* that is trying its best to leak all that mancream out. I really would like to keep it inside a while, it makes me all warm and fuzzy,lol.
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46-50, M
2 Responses Nov 27, 2012

I love getting my butt pounded too.

You need somebody to suck your ******* clean.