My First Time

I was 13 years old when I had my first real ******. It felt so great that for the next few days I was doing it two or three times a day (ah youth). One day as I lay naked on my bed and working my ****, my 17 year old sister walked in. I instantly lost my hardon as she turned and left. Before I knew it she was back with her boy friend and they came in and shut the door. She said since you like to play with a ****, you can play with his. He quickly got naked, put his **** near my mouth and made me suck it while my sister finger ****** my ***. Surprisingly, I liked it and my **** got hard again. Then they made me lie face down and he got on top of me and I felt his **** against my *** and then start to go in. I kind of hurt and felt good at the same time. I loved when he began to pump me and then I felt his **** throb as he came. The hot *** felt wonderful. The three of us played many times after that and I was introduced to ****** and strap-ons, giving them both oral and swallowing. Thanks so much, Sis.
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41-45, M
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Sounds Fun