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I have been having anal sex for several years now. My most recent experience was with one of my boyfriends. I am 63 and bisexual; he is 65 and gay. We are both slim men. He has a thick, 7" ****. He is such a great lover. He cuddles, kisses and likes to put his erection into my *****. I went to his house recently and found him in his bedroom naked, stretched out on the bed waiting. He was impatient for me to undress. I fell into his arms. We kissed enthusiastically. Then he had me turn around with my back to his belly; my bottom against his groin. His **** was already very hard. He massaged my body up and down, feeling my erection and covering my chest and torso with gentle caresses. I could feel his hardness pressing up against my bottom. I pushed back and encouraged him to rub up and down teasing my crease. I half turned and kissed him again passionately. I reached back with my hand and felt his hardness. I couldn't wait. We lubed each other then put a condom on him. Next,  I again pushed back this time till his **** had fully entered my eager canal. He was careful to enter gently and then moved in and out, again and again and again. I was in heaven. I continued to push back, allowing my bottom to arch against him matching his rhythm. We extended our necks, half turning, so we could kiss while he ****** me. I couldn't get enough. My erection pulsed and became even firmer. His in and out pace quickened till I felt his body stiffen and he thrust harder into me. He was so masterful. He was so hard. I felt so full. We came over and over till we collapsed in ecstasy. After he softened I turned and embraced him. We cuddled for another 15 minutes each caressing the other, our legs entwined, our arms encircling each other. Once more we had a wonderful time together.

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you two gentelmen were made for each other.

Love your story and how you please your man by taking his **** deep within you. I too love the **** of an older man, who i have recently had the pleasure of servicing with my tight ***. For some reason, an older man gives me greater pleasure in bed than a young stallion.

I read your story again and again I was very moved by the sentiment and your feelings for each other.<br />
I again got hard at the thought of the love making and the feeling of a **** deep in your ***.<br />
<br />
I love to kiss n cuddle and get naked. <br />
<br />
I am approaching my 60's and would love a relationship like yours. enjoy and live life.

you must have a happy *****.

Feeling his **** in your *** and being his recepticle....that must be what makes you happy. Please him. Enjoy him. Do what you need to do to be happy. If that is to let him be in charge then so be it. Just make sure you are loved, cared for, treated well. Phil

thanku, I love him being in charge and making me feel so good as he caresses me and then fills me with his ***. sometimes i need to wear a tampon to keep my panties dry afterwards

That is a fine for you to be in that role for him. I can imagine that you are a wonderful lover as a sissygirl boi. You can be receptive to him and he can be assertive like a good dom should.<br />
Enjoy !

I love for my boyfriend to make love to me like that the only difference is I'm a sissygirly boi and am soft and feminine for him

i am happy for you, take off your panties with pride and enjoy your femminity, give him your bum completely he now owns you and your bumhole and his need of anal MUST always come first no matter what, if you need the bathroom tough, you take his **** first its his right xx

I met with my favorite man on tuesday. He was so eager to see me. his bedroom is a gay man's paradise with beautiful posters of naked men. with a dvd pla<x>yer to entertain while we 'play'. with all of the necessary lubes, condoms, etc. we ******** and immediately fell into each others arms. kissing, sucking, fondling........all of the things you would expect. Then he lubed me and put a condom on his large 'tool'. Our anal sex lasted for the at least a half hour. I was on all fours, on my back, on my side, standing with him pounding me, each and every way. he tells me he loves being a top with me and thrills when I pull down my pants, expose my tail and then get fully naked for him. I spread my legs and he enters me with enthusiasm. we were in heaven. We only stopped when he tired and I put his wonderful 7'' man tool into my mouth. I sucked him dry. I love to suck him. He is uncut and has the most wonderful ****. we cuddled afterward. I kissed him again and again. he is my very favorite lover !!!!!

wel done Sirs, you do us males proud. Whats wrong with being bi and loving men. Story got me hard and I wanted it too

Wooow! I would love to live something like you.. You're a lucky guy! :)

When I get back home after this trip I expect to meet with one of my manlovers. He has told me he wants to drive his very large, thick erection fully into my *****. I am eagerly looking forward to his attention to me. He loves to have mansex with me and I am eager to please him. He is my favorite sex partner. we kiss, suck, lick, fondle, and ****. I am so pleased to have him in my life. phil